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Centre Schmidt Pianos

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Combo guitar amps

Combo guitar amps

We are glad to welcome you in our store. You’ve made a right decision by choosing our store. Our company will give you the magic of the music world because we all have the same passion. It is so amazing to feel the rhythm and good vibes, to enjoy the perfect performance and just to be a devoted fan of this magic of sound.

Our store is one of the best among the variety of the competing ones. We have the largest choice of different products and we are sure that you’ll be satisfied. The main goal of our company is to provide only good and premium quality goods at fair prices. That is why we have got so many faithful clients. You don’t have to doubt about our reputation because it is perfect. And our clients’ testimonials are proving this and as you know it’s the people’s opinion what is the most objective and it is more efficacious than any kind of advertising. Besides that our vendors and manufacturers guarantee the high quality of our products.

Our products are the perfect combination of the latest fashion trends, real durability and flexibility. You know that nowadays music is one of the main spheres in our society. It is a gigantic machine of production different goods for mental satisfaction. It is a real mainstream; moreover - it is a modern religion.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to because tastes differ but we have collected all possible music-related goods in our store. Well we hope that you wouldn’t waste your time and make your purchase.

ORANGE Crush 35RT - Combo 1x10" 2 canaux avec High Gain Preamp, 3-Band EQ, Hall, 35 Watt

Combo à transistors 1x10"Puissance : 35 WattCanaux : 2, Clean et DirtyRéglages :- Clean Volume- Dirt..

275.00CHF Ex Tax: 255.34CHF

ORANGE Crush Acoustic 30 - Combo 1x10", 2 canaux, réverb & chrous, 30W

Petit Combo à transistors 1x8"Puissance : 30 WattCanaux : 2 | Canal 1: Gitarre avec 3-band EQ / Cana..

389.00CHF Ex Tax: 361.19CHF

ORANGE Crush Bass 50 - Combo 1x12", EQ 3 bandes actives, Accordeur, FX-Loop, sortie casque, 50 Watt

Bass Combo 12"Puissance : 50 WattGain avec fonction Blend activable par pédlae (optionnelle)Egaliseu..

349.00CHF Ex Tax: 324.05CHF

ORANGE Micro Terror - Tête d'ampli mini à tubes, sortie casque, 20 Watt

Tête d'ampli Hybride, préamp à tube, ampli Solid StatePuissance : 20 WattTubes : 1x ECC83/12AX7Canal..

165.00CHF Ex Tax: 153.20CHF

ORANGE PPC112 - Cabinet 1x12", Celestion Vintage 30, dos fermé, mono

Cabinet guitareHaut-parleur 1x 12", Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker60 Watt à 16 Ohm2 connceteur parralè..

385.00CHF Ex Tax: 357.47CHF

ORANGE Super Crush 100 Combo

S'appuyant sur l'énorme succès de nos amplificateurs à semi-conducteurs Crush Pro, le Super Crush 10..

779.00CHF Ex Tax: 723.31CHF

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